Mukade Clan Ain’t Nuthin’ ta F*ck Wit

Hello perusers of the internet sea,

For the past 2 weeks, I’ve been hanging out with JETs, going to a lantern festival, exploring an abandoned shrine, learning more about my little town, sitting bored at work, going to Summer Sonic (a freaking blast!), procrastinating about lesson planning, and… engaging in epic battles with Mukades.

What is a Mukade? Well, there have been many adventurous bunches on the web who have elaborated on the venomous creature. Here is some informative information and here is an “educational video”.

If you are too bulazy to click on those links, basically a mukade is a giant Japanese centipede. The name mukade means “100 legs”. They are pretty much the grossest bugs I’ve ever had the displeasure of meeting. I found out that my house is infested one fateful day when I was sitting on my futon chair, comfortably chilling by the fan… A sharp pain emanated from my bottom, and upon jumping up I saw a mukade scurrying away. Shrieking, I grabbed the closest tissue paper and squished the hell out of the thing. It had blue blood and even with its body crushed its head was still moving for another hour before I made the proper gesture of flushing it down the toilet.

Since then, the war with the mukades has been pretty damn intense. First, the BOE came to my house with chemical bug bombs that required me staying out of my apartment for at least 2 hours. When I came back, I found a couple mukade corpses and my apartment smelling like poisonous paint fumes. Three nights later, just when I naively thought I was finally mukade free, I discovered an army of mukades (8 or so total) in about every room in my apartment. Luckily, my pred and I combined had enough bug spray in stock, and the mukades at my house are tiny infants (only about 2-4 cm long) so bug spray actually worked well at killing them.

I’m not usually a big proponent of using toxic chemicals to get rid of a few house pests. It always seemed over the top when people would use Raid on a couple of ants just chilling by a kitchen counter. After all, I’d rather have ants pay a small visit my bread than eating Raid flavored toast for breakfast. However, the pain that the baby mukade inflicted on me was no joke. It stung a lot (like a needle jab) and I almost couldn’t fall asleep that night. Thanks to the internet, I was able to learn that if you get bitten by a mukade, you should immediately wash the area with soap and hot water, and take a hot shower. I didn’t take a hot shower but used a hot towel on the site, which definitely helped. To get a bit more sciency: the poisonous enzyme apparently deactivates at ~42 degrees celsius (source: this a bit strange of a website…). Important: should you ever encounter a mukade, don’t squish them like I did because they release pheromones that attract their kins (e.g. their mate-for-life who they usually hunt with). Instead, catch them with chopsticks and drown them in a oil jar, if you are brave enough like Japanese obachans and some of my JET sempais.

I have photos of the little buggers but I will keep this blog PG-GB (GrossBugs). In the meanwhile I will do some lesson planning and prepare for a potential night of Nara JET vs. Mukade Clan: The 3rd Showdown“. 


One thought on “Mukade Clan Ain’t Nuthin’ ta F*ck Wit

  1. That sounds TERRIFYING!! I hope I never encounter one of these, especially in my apartment. I hope there’s some way that you can get rid of them, they sound really awful!

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